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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina (UNC) system. According to the UNC Code, UNC shall have a board of trustees comprised of thirteen persons: eight are elected by the UNC Board of Governors, four are appointed by the UNC General Assembly, and the remaining member is the president of the student government, ex-officio.

The Board of Trustees shall promote the sound development of its institution within the functions prescribed for it, helping it to serve the people of the state in a way that will complement the activities of the other institutions and aiding it to perform at a high level of excellence in every area of endeavor. Each board of trustee member shall serve as adviser to the Chancellor concerning the management and development of the institution.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Board of Trustee Membership

As related to the University’s Internal Audit Operation, the Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management Committee provides strategic leadership and oversight to ensure University operations are conducted in accordance with internally established and externally mandated standards. The Committee promotes a continuously improving environment to achieve the University’s goals and objectives by providing expectations for statutory and regulatory compliance, audit and risk assessment practices, operational integrity, and functional accountability. The Committee serves as the principal point of contact overseeing the functional reporting relationship of the University’s Chief Audit Officer.

Committees of the UNC Board comprise:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Board of Trustees Committee Composition